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The Geodynamics of the Aegean and Anatolia
The complexity of plate interactions and associated crustal deformation in the Eastern Mediterranean region is reflected by the numerous destructive earthquakes that have occurred throughout its history. Many of these have been well documented and studied. In addition, the Aegean region provides examples of core-complex formation, synchronous basin evolution and subsequent graben formation and continental extensional deformation following orogenic contraction. It is therefore considered to be a perfect natural laboratory for the study of these mechanisms. The region has been the subject of intensive research for several decades. This book contains current results and ideas regarding the geodynamics of the Aegean and Anatolia. It will be essential reading for all geoscientists with an interest in the structural evolution of the Eastern Mediterranean.
Paleomagnetism and Tectonics of the Mediterranean Region
The Mediterranean Region represents a complex mosaic of continental, microcontinental and ophiolitic terranes, whose overall evolution has been controlled by relative movements between the African and Eurasian plates. Covers the full width of the Mediterranean basin and presents results from Permian to Quaternary rocks, providing a snap-shot of the current state of palaeomagnetic research in the Mediterranean region.